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The Dictionary Leatherworking Tools circa 1700-1950 sounds like a learned academic work, and in some ways it is. What makes it special, however, is that it covers all the tools used in boot and shoe making with an explanation of how they are used, usually with illustrations. Like many craft trades shoemaking tools have, in the main, been around for for a long time. This makes the 166 pages specifically devoted to boot and shoe making very relevant to anybody making footwear on a small scale today. That is not all, there are sections on leather decorating, clog making, harness and saddle making, as well as many other trades. Overall, this book is a “must have” item for any shoemaking enthusiast.

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The Dictionary Leatherworking Tools Circa 1700-1950 ( ISBN 1-879335-72-7 )

This 377 page book written by R. A. Salaman is rightly regarded as the definitive work of footwear and leather working tools. However, it is much more than that. Not only does the book describe a tool’s appearance, it explains what they are used for and in most cases there is a picture.Often there is also a further illustration showing the tool in use.
The word “tool” is interpreted very widely and included are a range of other items such as benches, clamps, stands and simpler machines still commonly used in smaller workshops. There are even two pages devoted to the construction and part names of a shoe, as well as many pages reproduced from various toolmakers catalogues and suppliers of things such as specialist nails and studs.
Although written from a British viewpoint, the author consulted and visited widely when doing his research. This has generated items and comments from elsewhere, in particular the USA.




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