The Concise Shoemaking Dictionary


The Concise Shoemaking Dictionary is an illustrated glossary of shoemaking technology. Like all technical subjects, shoemaking has it’s own jargon. Even just in the English language, however, the terminology used does vary.
This British publication also covers international English usage and especially American terminology. Where appropriate, it uses excellent thumbnail-type illustrations to explain and enlighten the text.



The Concise Shoemaking Dictionary ( ISBN 978095540860 )
There are a number of Glossaries of shoemaking terminology around. Some even cover several languages. Many were written 10 or 20 years ago and have not been up-dated since. The Concise Shoemaking Dictionary is a small unpretentious production with just over 100 pages. The special feature is the numerous small drawings illustrating the terminology. Shoemaking is a practical subject and this means that a picture really is worth a thousand words.
There is also an extensive list of footwear related sites which are categorised and each site has a one or two-line description.
Who can use it?
The CSD was designed to be used by anyone needing to understand or make use of shoemaking terminology. It has proved popular with footwear students but has been sold to large footwear retailers and suppliers worldwide. Its compact and simple format makes it easy to use as well as helping to keep the price affordable.


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