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The manufacture of boots and shoes has been an important trade for many thousands of years. Although still very much a craft and skill based industry, over the last thirty years the technologies used in making footwear have mushroomed.

Although leather is still an important part of shoemaking it has been joined by technologies which include polyurethane, vulcanised rubber, specialist fabrics, and thermoplastic rubber. Materials made from wood fibre, carbon fibre, kevlar, steel, glass fibre are all used in footwear manufacture plus items to hold them together such as advanced threads and adhesives.

Add to this the fact that shoes have to fit the human feet, both left and right, as well as an extensive range of sizes.

Then, customers constantly want new styles and shapes to satisfy changing fashions. Finally, shoes have to put up with significant abuse in wear and customers always want them cheaper and cheaper. It follows that making footwear is not as simple as it looks and getting help is not always easy.

Do not worry, however, as we have specialists who can provide confidential, hands-on support and consultancy about every aspect of the technology of shoemaking.

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