Expert Witness

Do you need an expert assessment of one (or thirty thousand) pair of shoes because of a dispute with a suppler or customer?

Differences of opinion and judgement can be very difficult to bridge but having an expert assessment in writing can often prove extremely useful.


Noble Footwear have dealt with over forty such cases in the last eight years and are the only footwear technology specialists listed on the major expert witness directory used by Solicitors and Barristers in the UK.

Every case is unique, but they mainly fall into one of two categories, which can be described as consumer cases or trade disputes:-


Consumer Cases

These usually involve actual or claimed failure of a particular pair of boots or shoes, which has sometimes led to an injury. Having an independent, professional report can clarify, reduce and sometimes even eliminate, potential causes of dispute.


Trade Disputes

Trade disputes cases have significantly increased in number, partly as a result of footwear being manufactured overseas. This often means that when things do go wrong, the problem can be a large one. Sometimes this is because of the time scales of shipping footwear thousands of miles to where they are sold but can be as simple as a mis-understanding of what was expected when the shoes were ordered.


Our role varies enormously from one case to another but usually involves inspecting the footwear on-site and providing an independent assessment of the problem and its probable cause.

Interestingly, of the forty plus cases carried out in recent years, only one has ever gone to court. It would appear that having an independent assessment facilitates a settlement that both sides can agree on.


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