Basic Shoemaking – written by SATRA experts


This is a very comprehensive 333 page book of the shoemaking process. Something we have not seen for many years.



Although it is factory based, it is also an excellent reference book for hand shoemakers. As well as the numerous photographs, there are coloured diagrams and tables giving accepted standard measurements of lengths, thicknesses, and many other appropriate settings or requirements for making good footwear.


There are 44 Chapters which include :-

Last grading
Edge treatments
Threads and needles
Upper conditioning
Lasting different constructions
Sole cementing and bonding
Attaching heels

and much, much more.

This book has been put together by the largest footwear research and testing establishment in the English speaking world. Written by fifteen different people all specialists in specific parts of shoemaking.

A reference source that anybody working in, or interested in shoemaking.